Attention Inland Northwest Business Community!
The economic impact of the Fairchild Air Force Base (AFB) on local businesses has been evident throughout the community for many years. Commercial advertising with Fairchild AFB permits your business to reach over 41,000 people living, working and visiting Fairchild. The 92nd Force Support Squadron (FSS) includes a wide variety of recreational and leisure activities that are the core of Fairchild’s “quality of life”.

The 92d FSS’ The Link magazine is both on our website and in hard copy at all FSS facilities. In addition, we place The LINK in high traffic areas such as base housing, visitor center, commissary and the base exchange. With a total focus on enjoyment and leisure time, placing your company name in our product will certainly be a great business move.

For additional information concerning advertising with Fairchild Air Force Base, please call (509)247-5302 and ask for Melissa Trezise, Commercial Sponsorship/Advertising Coordinator or Contact Us via email.

Thank You

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