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What our customers say about us: "The Auto Hobby Shop has and will always be my to go place for automotive needs. The staff is always helpful in giving advice when need on any particular job. The services rendered such as tranny flushes and rotars turned is always affordable and top-knotch!"

"The Auto Hobby Shop provides a way for service members to do most repairs themselves and save money, which is crucial in the current economy. Just yesterday, I performed an oil change on my vehicle (with synthetic oil) that would have cost almost $100 at a service center. I did it at the AHS for around $50 (incl. parts & stall fees). A service center would charge rates which are much higher, leaving the service member with less money in his or her household. Not to mention the comradery and good morale that is fostered by the AHS. It's not uncommon to find friends and family members going to the AHS together to work on their vehicle, which builds the Army/Air Force Combat team at the most important levels."

* Free car wash with services over $50
* In store purchases of over $100 recieve 1 free hour of shop time
* Punch Card - 10 paid stall fees - recieve next stall fee free


Car Wash/Automatic

Dustbuster Quick Wash $7/each
Premium Wash $8/each
Ultimate Wash $9/each
Dually Truck Wash $9/each


Car Care Because We Care
Spouses of deployed personnel may claim a Car Care Because We Care Voucher, which entitles the recipient to a FREE winterization going on Now. Simply take proof of your spouse’s deployment to the Airman & Family Readiness Center to claim your voucher. Car owners concerned about winterization can leave it up to Auto Hobby personnel to get a little greasy. Make appointments now to winterize vehicles and check out our plan for winter tire swap out. Call 247-2310 for details.

Car Wash Special

Auto Hobby Pricing 1

Auto Hobby Pricing 2

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