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Career Assistance

I get to help Airmen throughout their careers with guidance and professional development
to better equip them in their endeavors.

The Career Assistance Advisor can assist members in many different ways, including; career advice on special duties and Base of Preference, retraining, First Term Airmen Center (FTAC) course, Non-Commissioned Officer's Professional Enhancement (NCOPE) course, Senior Non-Commissioned Officer's Professional Enhancement (SNCOPE) course, Informed Decision briefing and other Professional Development Opportunities.

Frequent misconceptions:

* I can’t retrain because my AFSC in critical.

Fact: All First term Airmen can retrain regardless of AFSC

* As a first term Airmen I have to wait until my retraining window opens (35th month TIS for 4 yr enlistees or 59th month for 6yr enlistees)

Fact: There are a few AFSC’s that you can retrain into earlier (24th month for 4 yr enlistee or 36th month for 6yr enlistee)


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