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Military ConnectionsID Card/DEERS/RAPIDS Informaion:
Applying for a new/ renewed ID Card?
* Sponsors, Spouses and Dependents over 21 require two forms of ID.
* Dependents require their Sponsor to be present to receive a new ID unless they have a Power of Attorney and a copy of current Deployment Orders, or a completed DD Form 1172.
* Children under 10 years old do not receive ID Cards unless they are dependents of Mil to Mil Couples or Single Parents on Active Duty.
* If the ID card was lost/ stolen we require a form filled out by Security Forces located in building 2071 (2 East Arnold).

Additional ID Cards/DEERS Support
The 92nd Force Support Squadron & the 141st Force Support Squadron ID Card Sections combined resources to better serve our base and surrounding community. Effective immediately, the 141st FSS is accepting appointments for Active Duty, Guard, Reserve, Retirees, and dependants from all services with DEERS updates, renewal or issuing of ID cards, and CAC pin resets.

Availability: By appointment only, Monday thru Friday, and the first Saturday of each month, EXCEPT holiday weekends, 8 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Appointment Line: (509) 247-7050
Location: 1 E. Bong St., 1st Floor, Room 140 (White House)

The following are approved forms of ID:

Photo ID (Primary ID)

Non-Photo ID (Secondary ID)

Drivers License/ State ID Social Security Card
Current DoD ID Card Birth Certificate
School ID Voters Registration Card
Passport Native American Tribal Documentation
Other Federal/State/Local ID Card Current School Report Card
INS Green Card Hospital Record
Certificate of Citizenship


Updating Marital Status?

* Bring the Marriage License, two forms of ID for the new spouse, and social security card. If you were previously divorced please bring a certified copy of the divorce decree.

* Bring the finalized Divorce Decree stamped by the Court and the ex-spouse’s ID Card.

Former Spouse Eligibility
* Some former spouses may be eligible to continue receiving benefits based on the length of marriage and the length of the sponsor’s service. If the criteria are met the former spouse can continue to hold an ID card and receive benefits. These benefits will terminate upon remarriage of the former spouse.

Adding a new Dependant Child?
Bring one of the following documents: Hospital Proof of Birth, Birth Certificate, or Adoption Decree.
* It can take several weeks after a birth to receive the Social Security Card, the SSN Card is not required to initially add a newborn. But in order for the child to receive uninterrupted coverage by Tricare the SSN is required and should be updated as soon as the SSN Card is received.

Applying for an ID card for a Child over 21?
*Children over 21 can continue to receive benefits under their sponsor until age 23 if they are enrolled full time in College.
* A letter from the School Registrar is required. The letter must state that the student is enrolled full time, must indicate type of degree being pursued and their estimated Graduation Date. The letter must either have a raised seal or original signature. With that letter we can extend the benefits of the child until they graduate or turn 23 whichever comes first.
* Two forms of ID are required for the dependent.

Separating or Retiring?
If you are separating or retiring the ID card section should be one of if not your last stop. Once the system is updated your Common Access Card is terminated in the system.
* Ensure you have a copy of your Sep/Retirement Orders with you.
* Enlisted Members with less than 8 years of service and separating under Honorable Conditions are eligible for an In-Active Ready Reserve (IRR) card. Per your enlistment contract this card grants access to the BX and Commissary until the original 8 commitment is fulfilled.
* Enlisted members with more than 8 years of service and Officers separating should turn in their ID card on the last possible opportunity.
* Members that are retiring can apply for their new ID and new cards for their eligible dependents.

Guard/Reserve going on Active Duty?
Ensure you have a copy of your orders on hand.
* We can only update the Active Duty Status within 45 days of effective date.
* Dependents can receive Active Duty IDs or carry their red reserve ID with a copy of the orders to receive the same benefits.

Civilian applying for a Common Access Card (CAC)?
We require two valid forms of ID


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