Private Organizations (POs) are self-sustaining special interest groups, set up by individuals acting exclusively outside the scope of any official capacity as officers, employees, or agents of the Federal Government. POs can be great mediums for encouraging community involvement among like-minded individuals on base and can greatly enrich the lives of members of the DoD and their dependents. Because individuals running POs are often also members of or closely associated with the DoD, however, the possibility exists for actual or apparent conflicts of interest to sometimes arise between those dual roles. To address this issue, Air Force-wide rules have been established to regulate and monitor the activities of base-associated POs. Such regulations and other useful information can be found below. Of particular importance are templates to request fundraisers (which you can do even as an unofficial organization) and information on how to make proper requests for off-base solicitations.

We look forward to working with you and your organization! If you have any questions pertaining to POs, unofficial organizations, or anything you see below, please contact the Resource Management at 247-2545.

Important Forms & Information

AFI34-223 (PDF)

2014 AMC/JA Private Organizations and Unofficial Activities Handbook (PDF)

AFI36-3101 (PDF)

Annual Private Organization Training & Legal Slides (PPT)

Checklist for Annual Review of Private Organization Files (PDF)

Private Org Guide 2019 (PDF)


Template -- Point of Contact (DOC)

Template -- Income Statement (XLS)

Template -- Balance Sheet (XLS)

Template -- PO Financial Statement (XLSX)

Template -- Insurance Waiver Request (DOCX)

Template -- Constitution Review Request (DOC)

Template -- Constitution for Fairchild AFB (DOCX)

Template -- Bylaws for Fairchild AFB (DOCX)

Template -- Use of Name Request (DOC)

Template -- Request for Official Organization (DOC)

Template -- Request for Unofficial Organization (DOC)

Template -- 2019 Fundraising Request Form (PDF)

Template -- Off Base Solicitation Request (DOC)

Template -- Off Base Solicitation Sample Letter (DOCX)

Template -- Certification of Member Liability & Active Member Acknowledgement (DOCX)

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