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Note: Did you know? We have over 300 movies for you to watch at the Red Morgan Center during our hours of operation. Call today at 247-1800 for more details.

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2Lt. John "Red" Morgan" - One of the most famous members of the 92 BG (Bomb Group) was 2Lt John "Red" Morgan, who earned the Medal of Honor as a B-17 copilot during a bombing mission over Germany. Lt Morgan's pilot received a mortal head wound during a German fighter attack, but he did not die immediately. In a crazed condition, he fell over the steering column and clamped his arms around the controls. The aircraft was now in danger of crashing, and Lt Morgan wrested control from the pilot and pulled it back into the formation for protection. The young officer then flew the bombing mission for two hours with one hand on the controls and one hand fighting off the mortally wounded pilot. Although the pilot died when the aircraft landed back in England, all other crewmembers survived. Before the 92d inactivated in 1946, the unit had definitely lived up to its famous motto--Higher, Stronger, Faster.

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