Tanker Tails Pricing:

Overnight Stay: Dog $25
  Cat $15
Note: Check-out time for overnight guests is at 9:00 a.m. If the pet is unable to be picked up at the 0900 check-out time, the pet then is considered a daycare stay, the $13 day care fee will be applied, and the pet is to be picked up by close of business the scheduled check out day.
Day Stay: Dog $15
  Cat $8
Note: Drop-off is at any time. Pick-up is before close of business
  DIY Pet Wash (All Pets) $10

All prices listed are per pet. For more information about pricing, services, and to receive a new client form, please call Tanker Tails at 247-4699.


Regular deworming and flea/tick treatment is strongly recommended for all pets. For your pet's best protection, vaccinations are best given at least 10 days prior to their stay. Pets must be current on the below vaccinations prior to their stay:

• Rabies
• Bordetella

• Rabies

Note: For the Rabies, DHPP, and FVRCP vaccines for dogs and cats, a 1 or 3 year vaccine will be accepted. For the Bordetella vaccine for dogs, a 6 month or 1 year vaccine will be accepted. *Pets less than 16 weeks old will not be accepted, as they are too young to safely receive the required vaccines.*


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