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Tue, July 30, 05:00 PM

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Tue, July 30 , 05:00 PM


Wood Craft Center

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The Basic Pen Making Class is a 1-day, 3-hour session held at the Wood Craft Center, with a focus on teaching participants how to create unique writing experience using a lathe. No two pens are alike. Here are some key details about the class:

WEEKDAY Date(s) Offered and Time:
Tuesday, July 30
Class runs from 5 PM to 8 PM

WEEKEND Date Offered and Time:
Saturday, August 3
Class runs from 10:30 AM - 2 PM

The Wood Craft Center (610 N. Depot Ave)

The class costs $45 and materials are included in the fee

Participants: Ages 10+
* Fairchild AFB youth ages 10-17 years old may take the course but MUST be accompanied by a guardian for the duration of the class.
(Guardians don't have to register unless they want to learn alongside the child).

Qualification Course:
This class is part 1 of 2 in the qualification course that grants access to all the equipment in the Wood Craft Center. This is an introduction to woodworking for anyone.

No prior classes or experience required

Course Description:
The Basic Pen Making Class is designed to provide beginner participants with an introduction to woodworking, particularly in the context of crafting unique wooden pens. The primary focus of this class is to teach participants how to create a one-of-a-kind writing experience using a lathe in the first of two classes required to become qualified to use the Wood Craft Center equipment. It serves as the initial step toward gaining access to the woodworking tools and resources available.

Wooden pens are known for providing a distinct and natural writing experience that sets them apart from other types of pens. Each pen is unique due to the variation in wood grains and patterns. Since no two wooden pens are alike, this class encourages creativity and allows participants to create pens that reflect their unique
style and preferences

Handcrafted wooden pens are often considered thoughtful gifts, even for individuals who are deployed. Using a pen crafted by a loved one can create a tangible connection, as the natural oils from the hands are absorbed into the wood. These pens can become cherished family heirlooms, passed down through generations, serving as a symbol of love and connection. Using a wooden pen made by a family member or loved one to write a hand-written letter can be a special way to express love and sentiment.

In summary, the Basic Pen Making Class is an excellent starting point for individuals interested in woodworking, offering an opportunity to create unique wooden
pens and providing a meaningful way to connect with loved ones through the art of craftsmanship.


Register in person at the Wood Craft Center, or by calling 509-247-5189. Payment is due at time of sign-up. Max class size 6. Everyone must follow established safety protocol.

Completion of Pen Making and Cutting Board / Blanket Ladder Classes (Qualification) entitles students to the rest of the month free usage of the Wood Craft Center (next month if class is the last week of the month).