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The Air Force School Liaison Office (SLO) plays a vital role in supporting parents as they navigate the challenges of the mobile military lifestyle, with a particular focus on its impact on their children. The SLO serves as a beacon of guidance, offering valuable information prior to a move, upon arrival, and throughout your time stationed at an installation. One of our core responsibilities is to bridge the gap between families, schools, and the military community, facilitating a seamless educational transition and enhancing the academic experience for military children.


We understand that military life can be demanding, with constant change and relocation. To assist you during this journey, we've compiled a list of resources to help you make informed decisions: Niche: Explore school districts and make informed decisions during house-hunting and relocation. Military Child Care: Register your child for care in the CDC and the School Age Care Program. Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI): Access specific data and "report cards" for Washington state schools. Additionally, we encourage you to explore our "Handbook for Parents of School-Age Children" under the "Downloads" tab. This comprehensive guide contains a wealth of information about local schools and offers Washington state-specific guidance.

  • Educational Guidance: We work closely with you and your family to identify the best educational setting, whether it's public, private, charter, virtual, or homeschooling, to meet your child's needs.
  • Community Connection: We forge vital connections between schools, families, and communities to address the unique requirements of PreK-12 military-connected students.
  • Communication Hub: We facilitate communication pathways between families, schools, community stakeholders, and the military, ensuring everyone is aligned in supporting your child's education.
  • Tailored Solutions: Our team creates real-time, customized solutions to help military-connected students overcome transitional barriers and bridge educational gaps.
  • Partnership Building: We collaborate with community stakeholders to establish platforms for enhanced educational opportunities and lasting partnerships.
  • Professional Development: We offer comprehensive professional development for educators, helping them better understand the military lifestyle and its impact on students.
  • Resource Network: We construct an extensive resource network to build resilient communities and support military-connected students during parental deployments or separations.

At the School Liaison Office, we are dedicated to empowering military-connected students and their families to thrive academically, no matter where their journey takes them. Your child's education is our priority, and we're here to help every step of the way.

School Liaison

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